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Cable sales

فروش کابل

Selling industrial cables

Palayesh Tajhiz Arya Company should prepare in this direction for the well-being of you customers in the matter of buying, supplying and selling the industrial cables you need. In general, this activity is carried out in the following branches:

Instrument cable, standard cable, power cable, pressure cable

فروش کابل

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Import of industrial cables

One of the services provided by Palayesh Tajhiz Arya Company is the supply and provision of all kinds of industrial wires and cables. The scope of our activities in this field is very wide and at the same time practical.

Due to the increasing need to obtain various cables in various industries, Palayesh Tajhiz Arya company, with years of experience and a leader in the field of import, supply and sale of cables and precision instruments and industrial automation equipment, as well as calibration equipment, etc., is ready to offer. The service is for you dear ones.

As you know, cables are one of the most important industrial components. The higher quality these cables are, the more effective they are in their area.

For example: power transmission cables
These cables play an important role in the quality and transmission of electricity. Because they cause no noise to affect the transmitted signals. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all the important and necessary points when buying industrial cables.

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