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Petrochemical project implementation

مجری پروژه پتروشیمی

Palayesh Tajhiz Arya Company is the operator of the petrochemical project. This service is one of several services provided by this company.
It produces chemical products from raw materials obtained from oil or natural gas.
Some of the chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas or from renewable sources such as corn, palm fruit or sugarcane.

Petrochemical project implementation

Design and engineering of petrochemical projects

The implementation of the petrochemical project in Iran is one of the important issues due to the ever-increasing growth of production and developments in the petrochemical industry.
This is important in order to increase the capacities and use the engineering power in the implementation of all kinds of projects. This work is done by capable domestic experts.
Considering the prevailing conditions in the country and the emergence of more or less the same challenges in the implementation of projects. We have proven many times that we have been able to do our duty in the best way with our strength and effort.

Dear friends, you can contact the experts of Palayesh Tajhiz Arya for consulting and obtaining information on purchasing industrial products and carrying out petrochemical projects.


Application of petrochemical products

Our dear country Iran has vast oil resources and capable experts in petrochemical industries. Therefore, a petrochemical project manager is always needed for the implementation of petrochemical projects.

Nowadays, the use of petrochemical and petroleum products is observed in other sectors in addition to consumption in the field of vehicle fuel and motor oil.
These products also play a valuable role in the preparation of many parts needed for the construction of vehicles.

Petroleum products are used to provide fuel for guided missiles, astronauts and satellites. It is even used in making many of their internal parts.
The raw material of most medicines and even antibiotics is derived from petroleum compounds.

Before the introduction of oil in today’s concept in human life, the required chemicals were obtained due to the change and transformation of plant and animal industries.
But in the early 20th century, crude oil and natural gas were considered as raw materials.
These materials have become vital and increasingly important for the preparation of many compounds needed by humans.

The production of petrochemical products as well as the implementation of petrochemical projects in our dear country Iran has a special place.

With years of experience and expertise in this field,Palayesh Tajhiz Arya Company is determined to be the executor of your petrochemical project.
We intend to accompany you from the initial stages to the completion of the project with the utmost precision and using the latest methods.

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